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  • Heavy Castings
    • Casting is a production process in which a liquid substance is poured into a shape, which then sets. The hardened component is also known as a casting, which is then forced out of the shape to complete the procedure. Casting substance are metals or various drying substance that restore after mixing two or more materials together.
  • Centers
    • Machining Center relates to any CNC drilling and milling machine which involves an automated tool changer and a table that secures the work piece in place.  The position of the spindle is the most underlying attribute of a machining center.
  • Turning
    • Turning is a type of machining, a substance removal procedure, which is used to produce spinning parts by trimming away undesirable substances. The turning procedure requires a turning device or lathe, fixture, work piece and trimming tool.
  • Milling
    • Milling is a procedure of machining using rotary cutters to remove substances by push on a cutter into a work piece. Milling covers a wide variety of different processes and devices, from small part production to substantial sized milling processes.
  • CNC
    • CNC Machining is a production operation in which pre-programmed mainframe software controls the movement of plant tools and equipment. The procedure can be used to command a variety of complicated machinery, from lathes to routers
  • Numerically Controlled
    • Numerical Control is explained as the formation of configurable automation. The procedure is managed by the number, letters, and symbols. In case of the equipment tools this configurable automation is used for the activity of the machinery.
  • Forgings
    • Production procedure where a section of heated metal is molded into the preferred shape.  This is completed by squeezing, rolling, hammering, pressing, and other processes in forging machinery.
  • Lathe
    • Lathe Machinery is for use in wood and metal working.  The machinery holds the substance and spins it against a tool that forms it.


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