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  • Tank Lining & Coating
    • This is a coating formulated to dry at lesser temperatures and is affixed inside and outside a tank to look after the high level preservation of the under layer from chemical harm.
  • Liquid
    • Bays used in liquid coating are in most circumstances made of metal. Either in a hand operated or an mechanized configuration, the paint is sprayed to expenditure. Vapor is depleted outside during the painting procedure to keep the work domain surrounding the paint bay free from the heavy smells.
  • Sand Blasting
    • Sandblasting is the act of spinning fine pieces of an abrasive substance at high speeds onto a surface in order to polish or carve it.  This technique is usually done pre-coating.

       The following coating services are also offered:

  • Hot Dip
  • Aluminum
  • Lacquers, Varnishes & Enamels
  • Industrial
  • Top Coat
  • Thin Film
  • Rust Preventative
  • Metallic


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