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Vineland Manufacturing Invests in Lasers

Vineland Manufacturing Invests in Lasers
Posted July 8, 2019

At Vineland Manufacturing, we know that lowering your manufacturing costs means staying current with the latest in factory automation trends. Fabricating industry hardware is always improving and adding new features that are proven to deliver measurable production results. The newest in laser cutting systems is an such example of how the laser industry is evolving.

Our laser tube cutter offers greater versatility, produces higher quality results, and is capable of fully automated operations when combined with a tube magazine loader.  It performs equally well for short run productions of different tube sections or batch processing of extra large tubes with diameters of up to 10 inches and up to 0.4 inch wall thicknesses for mild steel. We are confident that our laser capabilities will deliver precise cuts with greater efficiency and at greater speeds.  

Capable of Multiple Fabricating Processes

Vineland Manufacturing has always used cutting-edge technology to our clients’ advantage. We are able to perform multiple machine processes in one production run. Our laser machine features a fully enclosed compartment that moves the tubes forward, ejecting them into a parts container after processing is complete or onto a brush table for post-processing. In addition to vertical cuts, these machines can perform a number of other operations including angle cutting, notching, beveling, slotting, and hole marking.

With this range of cutting diversity combined with CNC software guidance, large quantities of pipe and tubes can be processed faster, and in multiple ways. When your tube geometry requires multiple fabricating processes, we can save you significant time on both machine operations and tooling changes by using a single machine that can accommodate multiple cutting processes in addition to alignment and automatic loading and unloading.

Process Greater Weights and Larger Sizes

From round tube to rectangular profiles, using lasers allows Vineland Manufacturing to process greater weights and larger size tube profiles. Workpiece weight limits have increased to 180 lb/ft (25 kg/m) with a style option that can handle 270 lb/ft (37.5 kg/m). For industries that use metal piping transport gases or fluids such as propane, oil, water, and gas, processing larger diameters to suit pressure ratings and flow rates are crucial. Processing tubes as long as 30 ft long with a LoadMaster increases the maximum weight to almost 500 lbs, which is accomplished with a clamping range of 0.6 to 10-inches.

Precise OnBoard Measuring System

Laser cutting has truly transformed metal manufacturing. A light beam cutting through metal is still a phenomenal thing to see, no matter how many advances are made in technology. An onboard measuring system is key to maintaining dimensional accuracy, as metal variations are a common issue these machines must deal with. Long lengths of tube are especially prone to camber, which are unavoidable deviations in curvature or exact straightness over a specified length of material.

Our laser machine not only successfully overcomes dimensional deviations in the raw material, but also works to keep the laser head from contacting the surface of the work piece by calculating how much bow or twist is present, and automatically making adjustments in the cutting parameters. The result is a laser head that precisely follows the actual tube contour, and not the tube specifications as input into CNC programming.

Two Loaders to Cut Hollows

When cutting hollow section profiles, some manufacturers of laser cutting machines will provide two loaders. One is mounted on each side of the equipment. For long production runs the main loader handles large tube bundles. A second loader is provided for hot jobs and is available for the operator to make single-run or prototype parts, check for quality assurance, or perform a custom job with specific geometries. At Vineland Manufacturing our operator is in control, allowing for the interruption of a big job to make a few specialty parts.

With more machine options, we offer our clients greater design flexibility whether it's a single-unit or series production. From agricultural machinery, structural components, fitness equipment, or mechanical components for manufacturing or commercial equipment, laser cutting systems are engineered for maximum flexibility, all while maintaining precision.

A Preferred Resonator Choice

In the past, CO2 resonator technology dominated the metals fabricating industry for decades. But today, fiber lasers are displacing this technology especially for medium- to thin-wall material applications which make up the bulk of the pipe and tube cutting needs we meet at Vineland Manufacturing. Fiber lasers are more efficient, are easier to maintain, and add greater versatility and cutting speed to operations. Within a certain material thickness, the fiber laser is a preferred resonator choice.

Fiber lasers have revolutionized the laser cutting industry, performing well at cutting copper, brass and aluminum much better and providing a lower cost of operation when compared to CO2 lasers. The increased machine efficiency enables us to maintain costs and pass those savings on to our clients.

Vineland Manufacturing is ISO 9002 certified with extensive machine shop capabilities to support a number of industries including:

  • Heavy Part Turning
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Construction
  • Health and Medical
  • Machine Shops
  • Mining
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical

Established in 1986 and built on the foundations of quality, trust, and teamwork, Vineland Manufacturing specializes in medium to high volume manufactured components in all industries. Our clients depend on our ability to make precise cuts to metal tubes and pipes for structural applications and high-pressure fluid flow. Vineland’s track record for reliability and punctuality are what keeps our clients coming back. 

Contact us at Vineland Manufacturing where we continuously strive to increase our productivity, advance our technology, and maintain cost-effective processes to the benefit of our clients. We accomplish this through our in-house CAD design and drafting facilities, CNC machines shop processes, and high-quality machining and fabricating operations.


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