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The Future of Horticulture in Canada

The Future of Horticulture in Canada
Posted October 14, 2018

With the legalization of Cannabis knocking on Canada's door, one can't help but wonder how it will impact the Horticulture Industry and other Industries that have the opportunity to benefit.

On October 17th, 2018 Cannabis will become legal to sell across Canada.  From what I gathered at information sessions during my recent travels to the Canadian Greenhouse Conference, the energy was mostly that of excitement.  On the other hand, with this legalization being the first in Canadian history, there was also a feel that the future is uncertain pertaining to what Canadians are to expect.  Almost a "wait and see" mentality.

As I spoke with exhibitors from the tradeshow portion of the conference, one thing was for sure.  With the anticipation of October 17th growing closer, Horticulture companies are in a panic to increase their number of greenhouses.
With Vineland Manufacturing Ltd. being a premier metal fabrication company, I explained to the vendors at the tradeshow that we do offer general contracting services for fabrication, welding, machining and metal coatings.  What a great opportunity to outsource greenhouse projects to a reputable manufacturing company, which in turn allows for them to focus on the many other tasks at hand in preparation for October 17th, 2018.
Vineland Manufacturing Ltd. would like to convey the message that we are open to partnerships with Horticulture companies with the goal of making this historic transition within the Industry be as smooth as possible. We already have vast experience in fabrication of internal greenhouse racking, and welcome the opportunity to review projects requiring outsourcing.



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