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Canadian Registration Number (CRN) System

Canadian Registration Number (CRN) System
Posted September 25, 2018

The Canadian Registration Number (CRN) is a number issued by each province in Canada by an authorized safety authority for any boiler, pressure vessel or fitting that operates at a pressure greater than 15 psig (1 barg). You may require a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) to legally install and operate your product in Canada which is greater than 15 psig.

Vineland Manufacturing Ltd. is your manufacturer for designing and producing products that require a CRN number.  
Common products that require a CRN are as follows:
• boilers,
• pressure vessels,
• pressure fittings, and
• pressure piping systems.
When you hear the abbreviation CRN, remember Vineland Manufacturing Ltd.  Then let us do the work.  For further information regarding CRN, please see the attached link.



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